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Falling for Greece

We started in August 2007 here in Lefkada on a trip to test trimarans.  Didn't care too much for the tris, but we fell in love with Greece.  Our memory of the warm Ionian Sea with it's deep blues and turquoises were haunting us when we got back to France.  We decided to make another trip in November to see if Greece could still melt our hearts in the winter...

November trip

And we did.  The crowds of British were gone, the shops were closed, the sea was calm ~ it was very peaceful.  However, we weren't sure if we could build somewhere so steep and that was right on a major fault line.  The mountains in Lefkada are amazingly breathtaking, but to make it a home?...we needed to keep searching.

Checking Corfu

So we tried the popular Corfu.  But unlike this picture I took there, we found it to be too populated, the place had built up too fast and had lost that savoir faire of the 70's it was so famous for.   Also the thought of being island bound was troubling us.  We decided to go inland in February.  If we could like a place in February, we were sure to like it all year....

Going for the Mainland

And we found it.  METHONI.  In the south western tip of the Peloponnese.  Home of the largest castle in Greece, and now our home as well.  Tune in for more to come....great in Greece!

Setting up Shop in PYLOS

So we decided to open our business in PYLOS, rented an office right down in the center of town, near the marina, and guess what we're doing?  Helping other people do just what we're doing!!  We sell LAND, Houses to build, Homes to buy, and we manage rentals!  What fun!!! 

Click on these words to check out our site at HELLAS VILLAGE   (Hellas is the Greek name for Greece)

Or if you want to buy a yacht to sail or putter around this amazing playground for the salty and non, click on these words to check out our site at CONSULT YACHTING.