My Four Moms by Randy

It's not an in-your-face lesbian movie about homosexuality; it's about life and love and families through the eyes of a heterosexual 18 year old boy.

Crush is turning 18 today and meeting a very important man, an architect.  This is the interview Crush has been waiting for his whole life. The architect though seems to be more interested in the fact that Crush has been raised by 4 women than the fact that he wants to be an architect like him.  Crush flashbacks to scenes in his life explaining and showing how normal, abnormal, funny, silly, loving, perfect and messed up life can be with four moms.  ….

18 years ago on a tour in Europe, Crush’s mother gets a little crush and a little brave one night with a nice young man.  Just a crush, but that one night crush turned into a baby.  Before she knew she was pregnant she was back home in the states and in a serious relationship with Crush’s second Mom.  They split when he was 13 and both found new female lovers, leaving Crush with four Moms to raise him through the turmoil of the teens.   Crush is a lucky guy with these great gals around him.  The stories he shares with the architect are knee slapping, eye opening and heart wrenching.

The man is thrilled to hear this news and wishes Crush a happy birthday with a strong embrace.  He then takes Crush by the shoulder and walks him toward his co-workers and yells, “Hey everyone!  Listen up…this handsome fellow here is turning 18 today!  He’ll be working with us this summer.  Everyone, please give a warm welcome to my son, Crush! “

The End


Oh yeah, goose bumps and tears and laughter will fill the audience!

Can you imagine this directed by Penny Marshall?  Did you see Riding in Cars with boys? Or BIG? She directed both of those; she could handle something like this and not turn it into a circus thing.  I'm very serious about this project- and know it will be a blast to create.

Ah that word create, I love it!


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