I've got a Romance/Comedy that takes place on the south shore of Boston. This could be a low budget feature or ordinary- but either way, very very commercial.  It's cute.  Here's the pitch I used at the Cannes Film Festival that got rave reviews:




A 34 year old beautiful widow named KATE thinks she's ready for love again after over/hearing her 5 year old son's birthday wish to have a father.  Kate is not rich, but she is crafty, so she plots to enter an expensive high class dating service by claiming to be a spy with a top secret mission. 

(Her late husband was a spy so she’s familiar with those terms.)


Little does she know that the owner of the dating service is plotting as well, but for a heist.  Kate’s bad dates go hilariously wrong as the defensive dating service owner does some spying on her! 


When she accidentally does find her true love, Owen, she internally struggles to love him because she fears whoever she loves will die again.  Kate feels the need to confess to Owen about her “spy façade” - because Owen is a police officer! 


Owen is adorably honest and suggests that Kate come clean with the dating service. Unfortunately during this confession Kate winds up being held at gunpoint by the Dating Service Owner and his clumsy clan. 

Luckily Owen walks in, rescuing her, and arresting all the others.   Kate gets surprised with a huge reward for the bust. 


All ends well with a beautiful wedding and a very fitting jail scene.


Please feel free to contact me via email greatingreece@gmail.com

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