JUNE 2008

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Mother Nature's Fireworks

Living in Greece is like living in a place that was born when Florida and France got together and had a baby.  Or you can say it's like living in France 200 years ago, before the crowds.  There are lemon orchards, orange groves, olive orchards, and lots of palm trees.  And can you guess which one I consider to be Mother Nature's Firework?  Yep, the palm.  I really wish I had studied dentrology when I see these wonders.  What's stopping me you ask?  First I have to learn Greek, then I have to go back and finish learning French.  And I'm in no rush, I am one who enjoys travelling the road as much as getting there.  There's plenty of time for dentrology... meanwhile, I'm enjoying the show!  BANG Bang bang...B A N G!!!!

Farm Life

Even if we don't know a think about farming, we live on a farm!  The owners of the house live below us and take care of the yard and the animals.  There are over 40 chickens, three goats, a pig or two, haven't been to the pen yet, but one was slaughtered last week which makes me think just one or two are left, there's a dog and about 14 cats.   One night Effiee, the lady of the house, proudly allowed us to come along with her and take pictures.  The little one loved it.   I'm having second thoughts of getting our own farm.  Lucky for you that smells don't come with pictures.  ha ha

Mexican night nestled between the beach and pool

We were thrilled to find out that our hot spot at the Golden Sun had a mexican selection, well, they made fajitas!  The chef is from Montreal, a bit far from the border...but hey, from Greece it seems mighty close.  Anyway, we had a great meal of spicy hamburger meat wrapped in flour tortillas, with lots of yogurt and tomatoe!   The view was incredible, the wind died down and the water, the sea and the pool, were like glass, and we were the only ones eating outside.  What a night!  OK, the little one had a pizza...  more for us!  ha ha

Pool by the sea in Finiki

If you speak French, or at least know the french word for pool, you will also know the greek word, it's pisina, spelled a little differently though.  Just the french word plus the a at the end.  Haven and I found this piscina and just love it, no matter if we're in the mood for a salty dip or a good dose of chlorine, our needs will be met beyond our imagination here.  The beach is a hop skip and a jump from the pool!  What fun!  PLus there's a huge bar and cafe to boot.  Yipeeee.

Go Go Go Girl!!!

Seems like just yesterday all the jr. high cheerleaders were at our house and we couldn't get anything done because all we wanted to do was play with the new adorable baby.  And look at her now!  WOW  No surprise to me that she's a knockout!  And is incredibly smart!  Why?  Because she's my sister!  ha ha ha 

Our Logo and New House

We stayed up late and made our business logo last night for HELLAS VILLAGE and here is a similar pic of our To Be house in Methoni!!!

EGG-citing stuff ...

3 reasons I’m EGG cited.  1, is that last night on the beach in Finiki we found a sea turtles nest!  Well we knew this because of the sign there, see the picture.  Then there were more places on the beach squared off by big rocks, so I assume there are more protected nests.  That’s so good to know.  Sea turtles are so incredible!  2.  is because here at our summer house, it’s like a farm and they have over 40 chickens here, so we are constantly being bombarded with fresh eggs.   I should have taken a picture of their refrigerator- full of eggs!  Actually though, on a side note, if your eggs have never been in the fridge, they will last longer if you Leave Them Out.  It’s true, all sailors know this.  Ask one if you don’t believe me.  Anyway, the 3rd reason I’m egg-cited is because I think I’m turning into an EGG HEAD.  And believe me, that’s a good thing.  The business website I’m working on had me scratching my head in the beginning, but now an egg shell is starting to take shape.  I’m actually getting the hang of it.  Yipeeee.  Now if those aren’t good reasons to be EGG-cited, golly gee willapers, I don’t know what is!

Dinner with Local Fames from Holland

Our neighbors in Methoni were our first dinner guests in our summer house here in Finikounda.  They are well known painters in Holland and very famous in this area for their amazing musical talents.  This night we had a profound discussion on the meaning of Love.  How lovely....

Daily Food Shopping

I got used to daily food shopping in France, but this is even better!  You see, during the year, excluding 8 weeks in summer, the stores are all closed on Sundays, including grocery stores. Here, where we are in Greece, they stay open!  Yipee!  This one we frequent more often, being so close to our place in Methoni.  The owners speak English, too, and their son is very sweet, about 12 years old, and is on the little one's soccer team.  Small village, Large hearted people.  Can I say large hearted?  Why not? 


OH don't I know it, summer has just begun, but my Greek lessons have too!  Yep, I am now a student again at a university.  Yipee.  Actually that wasn't sarcasm, I have a knack for this greek.  Yeah sure, so I only know a few phrases so far, but I get it and it's sooooo much fun to speak it.  MELOUW EHLINEECA.  That means I speak Greek.  Spelled horribly wrong, but so you can say it, too!  Go ahead, I triple dog dare you.  (now you have to....)

This is a shot of the little one, who accompanies me to class, and our teacher, Anna, from Patras.


Time to trim the hairs a bit, it's getting hot.  Not too hot, there are consistent thermal winds here to keep us from shriviling up, but it's hot enough to be bothered with long hair.  So emphatically I took out my scissors and cut the little one's cylindrical dead cells.  I think I missed my calling...don't you?

Chillin' at the pool....yeah baby

In Finikounda they have a hotel named the Golden Sun and boy is it worth some gold, what an oasis!  Anyway, it's our new hangout when we tire of the sand stickin' to us.  But if we do want to do a bit of exfoliation on our feet while we're there, no prob, we just simply leave the pool area and step onto the sandy beach.  Ooh la la (wait that's my French coming out.....WHY NOW??!!)


The video below does nothing for the raw beauty of the place, nestled in a natural sandy cove on Finikounda's azur coast!

Video of the pool and sea at the "Golden Sun" in Finikounda

Standing in an intersection in PYLOS, GREECE.

Boating out to Sapienza Island

We took our little boat out Sunday, June 8th, for our first time alone on Greece waters.  We had gone on the cruise ships and the 70 footer wooden sailing yacht, and a trimaran, over in the Lefkada region, but this was totally different.  We felt like National Geographic Explorers.  All the islands around here are uninhabited and part of the Nature 2000 conservation plan.  And there were no other boats to be counted for.  It was the islands, the sea and us.  Incredible day.  We are just a 5 minute drive to our dock, and we even park right on the pier!  Sure beats trying to find a spot in Golf Juan up in France!  This is the life.  Now, sorry for the bad video, I really need to invest in a better camera.  First Point is Methoni, about one NM away, and the second point is in the direction of our Finikounta port.  The Capt. and First Mate swam out to the beach there while I nodded off and on sprawled out on the bow listening to the waves slap our boat and tossing my head back and forth from the medieval castle and village view to the unspoiled sandy beach and mountain view ~ all under a bright blue Greek sky.

Video of  our place in Kamaria

Finikounda Fun

Finikounda is the sea side village just east of us by a quarter mile.   It’s where we keep our boat docked.  And it’s where you can find pig on the spit, beach umbrellas,  beach cafes and tourist shops.  We were there last night letting the little one ride on his bike for a while, before we came home to watch Iron Man.   Great flick. 

Golfing With Gary

We were invited to play golf on a course that isn’t open yet.  The manager of the course is Gary, a very nice guy from Ireland.  He was showing us how to play and the little one took to it like a duck in the water.  Quack quack didn’t leave my lips.  I felt bad for the grass and kept swinging too high.  But we’ll be back by golly, and I’ll be ready to make a splash!  Of course, hubby had no problems either, except that now he has another expensive hobby to add to boating!

Komfy in Kamaria

   As of June 1st, we’re nesting in Kamaria.  And I mean nesting as in the bird nest.  Yes, we’re in a house, on the top story, on the top of a hill…the tip top of a very tall hill.  I won’t go so far as to call this a mountain, but if I was moving here from TX I would be.  Reminds me of a nest.  We always feel a breeze here.  I watch the boats sailing by and on the far horizon at night I get to watch the lit up ferry boats on the Crete and Kalamata route.  I bet the birds do that, too.