Hellenic Trench



Just 11 kilometers from Methoni, which is where we’re building our houses, is the deepest part of the Mediterranean Sea.  It’s part of the Hellenic Trench that runs for about 600 kilometers along the western coast of the Peloponnese and south of Crete.    

I highly recommend going to this site and watching some videos on the Sperm Whales of the Med.  There are 20 families that live in the Hellenic Trench.  They clack to each other like other whales, but they stay in the area within their families, unlike other whales of the world who swim all over the planet to feed and mate.  


As the picture above shows, we have brought our little boat with us.  We’re hoping to see sperm whales this summer while boating, if not, we’re sure to see some dolphins.  Actually, these scientists have video of the dolphins swimming along with the sperm whales.  Maybe they’ll be videoing us this summer swimming along with the dolphins and sperm whales!  Why not?