Feeling Famous 

Screenplay by Randy

 Lacey is having a typical hectic day.  Her kids are begging for junk at the grocery store, her husband is calling her to hurry up as he sits in the parking lot.  The lines are long; she opts for the do it yourself and makes a mess!  Finally she’s in the car, everyone is talking over each other and hubby is anxious to go pick up Lacey’s car from the shop…but something hits them and it is lights out.

The lights come back on in the hospital. Lacey is in bed and sits up when Katherine Hepburn pokes her head in, smiles wide, and says, “How’s ya head there, Lace?”  Lacey is dumbfounded, but manages to pop out of bed.  Arm and arm she goes out with Katherine, who has a limo waiting for them.  Lacey realizes she must be dead and Elvis and Marilyn Monroe in the car confirm her suspicions are true.  Seems Lacey is somewhat of an icon to the dead rich and famous.  They explain to her that from Heaven, they can watch whomever they choose and whenever.   Katherine spotted Lacey years back and found her to be delightfully funny.  Soon watching Lacey was as popular with the dead as Dances with the Stars is for the living! She was a hit!

So through the eyes of the dead rich and famous we watch the hilarious moments Lacey has through out her life.  She realizes now her life was not typical, and neither was she.  And that no life is typical.  She sits and watches with her new dead and amazingly famous friends, all her most funny moments.  “What a natural comedian she is,” they say.  “Her timing is great!” they claim.  “It’s like she knows there’s a camera watching her all the time!” they comment.  They are also eagerly teaching her the film biz as they comment on her life.  We watch her life unfold as they all take turns with such stories as, “oh and remember when Julia your first was just born and you were too tired to dress her so what did you do?  Yes!  Look how she just lays the clothes on her!  So funny!”   And on and on went the hilarious moments of her life being recalled by these giant names of the past who have been watching her.   Her esteem gets seriously boosted by this amazing success in Heaven and she starts doing some brave soul searching.  That takes to her to question her death and it seems she’s been taken just a snippet too early.  

She is thrilled to get the chance to go back and fight for life.  They have a huge going away party for her.   When she wakes, back in the hospital room, her daughter , son and husband are there sitting close by.  They freak out that she’s out of her coma and ask how she’s feeling.  With eyes flickering and adjusting to the lights, the word “famous” stumbles out her mouth.

One year later:

Lacey is on a talk show and we see the bill board in the back ground with the movie titled Feeling Famous in large letters and we hear, “So you went from normal housewife and mom to a film maker!!!  Tell us all about it!”

Lacey begins, “well it all started when I woke up from a coma feeling famous….”

Black out….

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