Hi, still looking for that perfect script to put in your handsome 35-45 year old male?  I've got it!  The person we're thinking of will play the part of the main character's lover.   

Barn of Blues

A Romantic Drama By Randy

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A Synopsis of the feature:


TAYLOR, a 34 year old divorced and ruggedly beautiful Mother of two girls has a hectic Boston city life.  She grew up missing her sick twin who loved music and died very young.  What gives Taylor peace now is Blues Music.  She juggles being a social worker with taking care of her school hating girls and taking care of her 89 year old sane but hypochondriac mother…  Till one day it hits the fan. She looses her job.  Her girls fought in school.  Her mother calls and wants a ride to the ER.  Again.  Taylor is not up for this charade today, explains she’s been fired and instead of hearing sympathy she hears the audacity of her mother  saying, “well that’s good cause you weren’t happy there anyway and you need to stop making those bad decisions” and so ends the call with a bittersweet taste.  Now the landlord wants her evicted!  When the girls finally fall asleep on this very bad day, the hospital calls with the news of her mother having died.  She leans forward off her big comfy chair, grabs her headphones, turns up the volume of her Blues Music and cries a river of tears.


Next morning after telling the girls what happened, a man comes to the door wearing a suit and bearing some interesting news.  Surprisingly her mother had a will and surprisingly her mother also had kept the old family barn where Taylor used to play with her twin sister.  With nothing left to loose- they pack up, crank the blues music and head to the Berkshires where Taylor’s memory comes back in a flood.  Although not much has changed on the barn, change is due. 


Taylor finds handy workers to build it into a home letting them stay there for cheap rent.  She also hires a shy teacher to home school the girls as she busily remodels the barn feeling her mother’s presence everywhere. Realizing the handymen are musicians too, when the barn is near completion and they are looking to other jobs, she charms them into playing blues together to raise money for a sound studio that she can run on the farm land.  One fine harmonica playing man blows right to her soul. They fall in love working side by side to make this dream come true.  But still the haunting mother hangs over her, impaling her feeling of pure happiness. 


On the night of the Blues concert, it’s a full house.  Elated, Taylor pries the teacher out of her shyness, and they dance on stage behind Taylor’s daughters.  The blues music is pumping and the audience is loving it.  During the solos the harmonica man proposes to her over the mic, the girls jump on him and the crowd goes wild.  She says yes and then looks into the wings of the stage.  There is her mother, holding her little twin sister’s hand, and they are smiling.  Mom blows a kiss.  Taylor looks up thankful.


Black Out.  


Thank you for the consideration.